Knee injury/Carb. adj.

I have 2 questions for people out there with experience, please:

1. I dis-located my knee 6 weeks ago and it's still not well enough for me to ride without pain. Has anyone tried DMSO for an injury such as mine, and does it speed-up the healing process?

2. The temperature where I'm at has gone down from 80's to 50's and it is affecting the performance of my bike. Do I just adjust the fuel screw or is this going to cause me to have to re-jet my carb. again. Thank you in advance for your help.

What happened to the link i just posted?

yes you will need to re-jet for cold temps.....

the links above have great info...

I dislocated my knee cap several years ago on my cr250. Honestly, it took about 2 years before it was back to "normal", which is what I was told to expect. I was did not have to have surgery, but do occasionally have issues. Wish I had my Asterisks then. I will not ride without them now. Get knee braces!

Thank you, this was very imformative.

I dislocated my knee cap and tore some cartilage at the end of July. Had surgery to remove floating cartilage and tighten the ligament holding kneecap in place.

I bought a set of used Asterisks off eBay and did a couple Hare Scrambles in October. Pain was no problem but the leg was so weak, I couldn't hold myself up if I started to fall. I bet I went down 6 or 8 times on slow right hand turns the first race.

This winter will be weight training to get strength back.

Good Luck

More training more training more trainig, the more weightlifting , cycling , stretching you do the better. Think of it as an investment into you future the one where you would like to walk without pain when you are 62.

Train hard get knee braces and kick but.

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