Wr450 Radiator Damaged - What to do?

I dropped my 06 WR450F on a log during a ride on Sunday. I didn't realize till I got home that I had dented the left radiator very badly. Fortunately it didn't break anything and I didn't lose any coolant. It didn't even run any hotter than normal. The dent is right where the radiator shroud mounts to the radiator. Essentially the outside bracket is bent in about an inch.

I might be able to straighten out the bracket, but I don;t want to touch the cores which are also bent. Has anyone else had to straighten out the outside of a WR450 radiator? If so, how resistant is it to cracking?

I found this company called Mylers Aluminum Radiator Repair that claims they can fix it for between $35 to $100. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Oh yeah, I know radiator guards would have prevented this and that will be my next purchase after this is repaired. Any advice is appreciated!!!

Yes, Mylers is very highly respected around here. And if you can't live with it like it is then they would be your best bet. However, if it is not leaking and you don't mind it being bent you can run it until it fails and then have it fixed. Up to you, personally I would have it fixed and Mylers does excellent work. Just my 2c, hope this helps.


I smashed both rads on my first trip out with my WR. They were twisted, racked and dented. I was able to straighten everything out without a problem.... except for the tube at the bottom of the right rad. It was slightly bent so I tried to straighten it and it cracked where it enters the rad. I would have sent it to Mylers but I needed it right away, so I had a local guy weld it. More expensive (including S&H both ways plus the repair) than Mylers, but it was done the next day.

My point is, you can either live with the damage or try to bend it back yourself. If you crack something you can always send it to Mylers, or just send it to them in the first place. My friend used them and was happy, and I have never heard one bad thing about them.

ANY decent radiator repair shop (i.e. one local to you) should be able to fix it very cheaply. Look in your yellow pages, & ring one up. Make sure they've worked with M/C radiators before & that whoever actually does the work can speak intelligently about testing & repairing it. I'm sure Mylers is great, but if your local shop isn't run by a bunch of half-wits, you should be able to save yourself the shipping costs, & possibly get a quicker turn-around as well.

On the other hand, if they sound like a bunch of idiots when you speak to them, then you're probably better off shipping the rad(s) to a Mylers or another reputable shop, where you know what kind of results you can expect, through other people's feedback.

Mylers worked well for me. The radiator guards fit like a glove after it was straightened. I should have got my guards first!!!

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