Blue Bikes making a huge comeback

Honda sales of the CRF-450 continue to hold about a 40% share of sales across the country according to the MIC data...Say what you want, but the Honda 450 is the best selling bike....PERIOD !

I've owned 2 YZF's, one was a turd and the other a good bike...MY 2003 CRF450 is still on stock piston and valves have never needed shimming or replacement...Not sure where all these rumors of "constant" rebuilding of the valve train come from. ???

I see a decent drop off for Honda with the new Yamis and Kawis out there. Check out Honda's factory team - there isn't one healthy enough to ride.

....Remember you only hear about the bad ones...and not the good ones ! :D
That's something you learn quickly in the repair trades. Once, I was asked to address the sales department at the Chevy dealer were I worked in a Q/A meeting regarding technical questions they had. This happened to be during a time while Chevrolet was having an unusually large number of transmission repairs done under warranty. I was asked what I thought of the new transmissions, and my answer was that I had to be careful to temper my response, because, "The only ones I get to see are broke."

Customer response cards are the same way. You know, the little prepaid (sometimes) "how are we doing?" survey cards you get sometimes? You only have to do something a little bit wrong to get a negative one back, but you have to really do things unexpectedly well to get somebody motivated enough to bother sending back a positive.

Which is something to consider when you have guys posting unsolicited threads about how reliable their YZF's have been. :worthy:

I was out at Canyon last week and there was still an awful lot of red out there, heck I still have one I' trying to sell? Liked my Honda but just feel at home on my Yamaha:ride:


That's interesting, isn't it? I wonder how the powers that be decide where to throw their contingency monies :worthy:

Not that it matters for a +30 rider all that much :prof: lol

Come out and ride Vet-X in SoCal. Yamaha and Suzuki pay $100 to win a 40+ Novice race!...:D

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