Hi Guys. I recently bought a 2004 wr450f. I just want to know the best way to stop blowing the top end and having to fork out anything between £800-£1500. Is a oil change the best way to avoid it?

From what I have learnt so far here is to keep to regular oil changes and air filter cleaning. Make sure your valve clearances are in spec and your jetting is not too lean or rich. And finally ride sensibly (don't load the engine too much when cold, don't over rev too often, don't run overheated etc etc):worthy:

Cheers for that it should save me some money!!! How do you check your valve clearence?

What that guy above said. Also keep in mind this is a 4 stroke, it doesn't need rebuilt all the time like a smoker does.:worthy:

Edit: Man I post slow...

for the valve clearances, use the search, or DL one of the PDF manuals from the sticky thread at the top. It's a pretty easy procedure.

oh and what about your jetting. how do you do that?

cheers for that man. how oftern should you check these?

cheers for that man. how oftern should you check these?

That seems to be a point of debate, especially since most people who check them tend to find them in spec, or extremely close to being so. Personally, I figure better safe than sorry, I'd do as the manual recommends.

FYI, I believe the sticky thread at the top has a link to a good jetting thread, & other helpfull stuff as well.:worthy:

Read the Stickies at the top of this forum. All of them. Then download a free service manual as suggested earlier. Then read the manual.

With a lot of reading you will learn many things "Grasshopper"

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