Different motor in a XR650L frame

Has anyone tried to install an Kawi EX500 motor into a XR650L frame?

Europe gets the best stuff, for instance, the Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere.

I would love to create a version of this bike using an XRL and EX500 motor. The motors are always on ebay as are used XRLs. Seems possible. I know it wouldn't be a straight bolt in, my fab skills are up to the task.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like a neat project. Buddy of mine road-raced EX 500's - his maintenance schedule included changing the oil once a year. Those motors are bulletproof; their are lots around and the motor is fairly slim side to side so I don't think it'll stick out to far. Fitting everything should be a challenge. I'd be curious how much a EX 500 motor weighs.

I seem to remember a guy who did an EX 500 based dualsport selling them out of Arizona maybe??????

The dualsport you are refering to in the Weber. Nice bike but at 60K a copy, not very econimical.

The motor in heavier than a L motor, probably by 50-60 pounds. That is OK, I am not going to build a tight woods bike. This bike would be for blasting fire roads and the highway.

The project should come in under 400 pounds and have the ability to run over 100 mph for an extended amount of time.

The suspension would have to be redone for the weight, but most everything else is simple if the motor fits without major frame mods.


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