2.5 weight fork oil for Scotts Stabilizer?

Per Scotts this is the type of oil they use in their stabilizers and it's supposed to be changed every year. I can't seem to find 2.5 weight though. Either I'm internet search handicapped or it's just tough to find.

Anyone know where I can get some ordered? I have a race Dec 9th/10th and I need to get some fluid in the stabilizer before then because I cleaned out all the old oil already.

Thanks for your help fellow Piggy riders!:worthy:

That would make waaaaay to much sense. Told you I'm internet handicapped sometimes! Thanks:ride: :worthy:

Fuchs makes it, it's labled Silkolene. Goes for about 20 bucks a liter.

Use 5W fork oil, I use it all the time and it works good. If the unit does not damp enough, then use AFT fluid (~7W).

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