gytr skid plate sponge?!?

I just got my 07 last week. I LOOOOVE it. I had the gytr skid plate sitting her since september and bolted it on the night i got it. Needless to say, one hole didnt line up so i had to drill it out to make it fit. I wasnt too happy about that considering it is GYTR and not some other aftermarket company.

Anyways, it came with some spongy thing. I put it on for this week of riding and when i did my oil change i had to take the skid plate off. The sponge just absorbs dirt oil and all kinds of muck. Is there any reason i should continue to use this foam? I really dont see what purpose is serves. thanks

The foam keeps mud and dirt from building up between the plate and the motor while ridding which can add cosiderable weight with all the room in there. It alo helps to lessen the noise vibrations from the motor off the skid plate upward. In short yes I would keep it in. You can use a screw driver and push the foam out of the way when doing oil changes and then it will not build up or just cut out a small section around the oil drain hole. I do not know why it did not line up mine fit perfect with no issies. Just be sure when you are putting it on to put all three bolts in loosely before cranking them down....I just bought the GYTR Glide Plate for the indoor season so I will see how that lines up...

Have fun with your '07

i did not like the idea of a big foam sponge in there either. What i did with my plate was put on an automotive door sealer tape around the edge. It definately did the trick, it doesn't hold water, and it will compress alot in the tight spots.

The foam keeps mud and dirt from building up between the plate and the motor while ridding which can add cosiderable weight with all the room in there.
If you don't remove and clean out the sponge periodically, it will do no good on that score. We pulled one out from over the WC plate on my son's 250F once and I got a good look at the first 12 pound sponge I had ever seen. :worthy:

We left it out.

i just dont understand the purpose of it in the first place. I have had skidplates on numerous bikes and quads (yes, i rode quads at one sorry) and this is the first time i have ever seen such a thing. At first, i thought it was just part of the packaging but the directions said to install it. I was like &%$#@!??? i thought maybe it was a sponge to clean my truck after a day at the track, lol.

And yes, even after 3 days the sponge already weighed a few pounds. Nasty!!!

it also helps dampen some of the vibration/noise from the frame and skid plate on the '06 and '07s. I take my skid plate off every time when I change the oil so the sponge gets cleaned frequently.

but its not going to harm anything without it right? it more for comfort purposes than protection right?

and yeah, ive heard of other people having problems with the fitment as well. Wasnt enough of a problem to go through the hassle of returning it.

Yeah, mine didnt line up worth a crap either. I had to bore out the holes in the plate to line them up. I have fought and fought that POS. Finally I got a longer bolt for back hole. That has helped me a ton. I get the longer rear bolt started, then align and tighten the front two, then tighten the back one. The sponge does help quite abit with vibration noise so I keep mine in there, I just clean it out alot.

My GYTR plate did'nt come with a sponge?:worthy:

Sponge talk Sponge bob.....use it to muffle sound and keep mud and rocks from filling up between the lower frame must clean it folks otherwise it is takes all of 1.75sec to remove and replace....geez

I am really dissapointed with the fitment of my skidplate. The only reason i went with the gytr insteal of Works is because i figured the fit would be perfect. Guess i was wrong.

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