losing water 400f

hi i have a 99 yzf400 which is my first 4 stroke.on the weekend i went for a forest about a 50km ride and when i checked the water after it was below the fins does that much loss sound normal or should i get it looked at thanks

If you don't keep enough air flowing thru the radiators they will boil some coolant out. You can use Engine Ice or Water Wetter to help prevent this, but these are performance 4 strokes and they simply run hot.

thanks for your reply.we were getting along at a good pace i was mindful of the air flow or lack of.i will check it again after another ride and if it is down by half a cup or more i will see if someone can check for blown head gasket.it may have sounded like a silly post but i wont find things out unless i ask:thumbsup:

i would suggest adding on a coolant catcher. I found a factory wr one, and it looked clean, and did the trick. It is deigned to catch your overflow, and then sentit back. so it will always stay at the right level. check out the 400 in my garage. i have some pics of it

thanks i might try rig something like that up it makes me alittle paranoid half expecting a seize.i have same graphics kit and just got sdg tall seat.thanks for the idea of catch tank :worthy:

ya it scared the crap out of me too. But that is why they come stock on the wrs and not the yzs. They say that the yz is a motocross bike that will be ridden at high speeds most of the time (no chance for a boil over). The wr is considered a trail bike so it gets a catch bottle

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