Need advice grayracer513

I have a 07 YZF450 and I was wondering is it worth puting a I-cat on and also using JD jet kit? Also what would you recommend for jetting at 70 to 80°F @1200' with about 60 to 65% humidity? I have not even started my bike yet, It's in my basement tore down to the frame and will be blinging it from the ground up. I know a wast of money but I have a theory "If you suck like I do you must at least look good":ride:

I don't think the '06/7 has a problem that the I-cat can solve. The theory is that the extended spark duration created by the I-cat will reduce misfiring, and aid in starting. That apparently does work on older bikes, but the new ignitions have essentially already incorporated this into their designs, and the latest YZF's have killer spark as it is.

Try your stock jetting first, and see how it acts. From what I've seen here for '07's, it's still a little lean, but not as bad as the '06 was.

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