Is this it

I just bought a new 2006 wr450 ,, and just comming off a 2006 rmz450 this thing feels like a 250 ,, I wonder if the dealer ship switched plastics ,, I will check tomorrow ,, the vin# ,, etc. But if everything is on the up and up ,, he told me the trottle is only a 1/4 turn style ,, there has to be more from this bike !.

Read the FAQ...SC

sorry about posting this thread ,,, if someone can tell me how to remove it I will

It's okay, we forgive you :worthy:. I'll take care of it. Did you read the FAQ? Everything you wanted to know and more is least that's what I've been trying to create. The most important one is the very last one found in the continuation post further down the page...SC

Now it begins GRASSHOPPER!!!:worthy:

when you get her running.....come back and tell us how she does.:worthy:

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