Where's my F N snow

It's Dec, almost 2002 and there is no snow to be found here in NH. S*%T, I rode on christmas morning......on friggin dirt!! I am ready to do some wide open, haul ass riding for a change and all I need is a foot or so of snow and some sub freezing temps. Are the greenies right about global warming??? Yeah right, a greenie that knows something......NOT possible. So where the hell is my SNOW!! Anyone?? I saw some when I rode in PA a few weeks back and haven't seen it since. If you see any snow, contact the authorities. It must be returned to New Hampshire at once.



Well I'll tell you where its not and that's in Colorado.

LMFAO at your signature, sounds all to familiar, especially the custom dented frame :)

By the way there has been some talk about you on my thread about radiator supports!


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Thanks woody, I went and put my 1.5 cents worth in there. Wanna come to NH for some winter riding when we get snow????

IM NOT WORTHY to ride with you. 2000 miles in ten months....Wow! I thought 1000 miles last year on my(now departed XR600R)was good. I bought my 01 WR in May and have only logged 309 miles! :) and most has been on tame terrain. The first good ride I take, my d*** will be draggin in the dirt....especially after stuffin my pie hole with turkey and dressing for the last two months!



Haven't you watched the news lately. Those poor b*stards in Buffalo, NY are getting your snow!

Hang in there, Mike. The snow will be coming.

I picked up a used trellborg for the occasion :) What ice screws do you recommend?

We have maybe an inch or so in Ohio, not really much to speak of. Those poor Buffalo guys got an obscene amount of snow.

Have you thought about one of those front fork ski attachment things? Seems right up your alley!

I too can't wait for the blizzard! Ripping around the frozen trails (and streets hehe) is going to be fun..just need some studs! I have a hot tip for grip heaters,let me know if you need it Mike.

Mike my friend, I think we have all your snow! :) If there was anyway I could ship some to you, you know I would. Maybe, you just need to come here! :D Hope you had a GREAT Christmas! Have a Happy New Year! I think I have heard some grumblings about a future Moab trip... What does your Spring look like? Take care, P


If you want to send me your snow, I'll take it. 22.375 million tons should do me for a little. I will be riding the frozen tundra tomorrow. It's been cooler but no snow yet. I hope your holidays are going well.


I just run the gold screws and make a new set every year, run them all winter then pull the screws and run them for the first part of spring as well.


Sure you are. I got my bike in Jan 01 in put its first 700 mile on it during the winter. Winter riding is great and keeps you in riding condition. This helps my riding a lot. It also helps when I go roosting on Bill down oin PA :)

:) SOmebody's exporting the damn stuff now!!! Just had our first covering last night! Do you want it back??? I'll get a postage cost for you! ROFL! :D

Hey mcarp

How often do you ride at wayne, and is there any other good spots near there or you. Wayne is about 2.5 hours from here its really the only good riding I know of around us.

Can you help with year round riding near us. With or without snow :):D

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Received **** SNOW **** last night! Only about 2 inches but it is a start. Looks like more tonight*


Hopefully it will work its way to NH

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