07 YZ450 Works Connection Radiator Braces

The Unabikers are like a combination of the Devol front guards with the Works Connection cage. It has 3 posts on the back instead of two that the WC has and 2 more posts that tie the cages on both sides together. It is definitely stonger than either of the other two. It also comes in a choice of colors.

AZcrrider... I have the Devol braces as well - are you having any problems getting your boot caught on the shroud?

I had to send mine back b/c the bracket that connects the shroud to the brace bent... and then the screws kept being ripped out b/c my boot would catch in a turn and then I'd pull my leg back and it would rip them right out... Other than that I like em b/c I don't want to buy a new rad when i bite it...

No problems with the boots getting stuck, although I have heard that is a problem in stock form? But I wear the pants that go over the boots, currently. I will have to try the regular pants ( tucked in ) and see what happens.

Anybody put the works connection cages on an '07 yet? I'm in the middle of it and it looks to me like you would have to completely remove each radiator and ditch the new small protectors yamaha built into the front of the radiator??


I have, you keep stock braces just need to trim down the louvers and tabas on back of shrouds. Will fit nice.

well, i completed the installation. overall i am very happy. as usual, i hate the "modifying" that is involved with aftermarket parts because im not the best custom fab guy. Cutting the louvers wasnt too bad but i took a lil too much off (about 1/4 inch) Other than that, all good.

What is a louvers?

I have them on my '06 YZF 450 and my rads still look like new, they work is all I can say. I used a dremel tool to trim the ridge on the inside of the shroud that sits on the outside edge of the radiator so the shroud fits better and also had to modify the louvers (sp?) to fit over the rods. Also, I did not use the spacers that were included in the kit, allows the shroud to be closer to the louvers.

Does the upper part of the shroud (even after trimming) still rest on the cage? I dont recall if the radiator (before the WC cage) rested on the shroud... Not sure if that will melt the shroud, etc.

Thanks all!

I too have the WC Cage on order along with their skid plate for my new 07 haven't ridden it yet because of snow and ice YZ450. The skid plate covers the front of the engine where the oil fill is located.

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