FMF Q2 or White brothers E2 for 650R

any pro's or con's on these two exhausts i am looking to replace my stock unit

You might check out the new FMF Q4 out this month. It is quieter than the Q2 and has better performance. Looks real sharp too!

I have the Q2 and I am pretty pleased. The bike sounds much better than stock without being overly loud. Got the full system on ebay for just over 4bills. Be warned if you go with the full option. The header for the left exhaust port wraps around and touches the bottom of the right radiator. Radiator won't mount up any higher. This also happens to be exactly where this pipe joins the right exhaust header so I had to bend or slightly crush both under heat to clearance the radiator then use heat resistant silicone to seal it, now it clears by only 1-2mm. Ok, i'm done venting now, it sounds and looks great now!

I have a FMF Q with the Power Bomb hedder on my 650r, I have no clearance problems, It is very quiet compared to the stock muffler with the "Power-up" baffel, also pulls harder thru the entire r.p.m. range

I only have a Powercore 4. Its loud. I also have the Powerbomb header. Beware, the Bomb section will melt your pants! I used header wrap to keep my pants from getting destroyed. The header wrap also helps shield the radiator from contact as TeamEndo mentioned. Also, you will lose a little bit on the low end....maybe 1 HP but you gain it back on the top end with the power bomb vs. stock header. My buddy has the Q and it has more of a "BRAP" farty noise on the low end where the Powercore 4 is a little mellower down low for noise.

Buy a $160 Hotcams Stage 1 cam instead and you will get a much bigger improvement than an exhaust pipe.

I dont see that they make a Q4 for a 650R on fmf's site

FMF Q2....:worthy:


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