Spark plug "life"

What seems to be the normal life of a plug on a yz450?I get about 15 hrs when starting starts to deteriorate.Re-starts[hot] after this time can be a real bear.Jetting seems fine and valves are in spec.Help!!

Mine has had two plugs in them since early '04, the one I got it with, and the one I installed, and I can't remember when I put it in.

I replace mine twice a year when I check my valves. The gap is still within spec, but I replace it anyways.

I kept my first plug in my 01-426 for almost 1 1/2 years. :worthy:

However after my bike started giving me some cold weather starting and hot re-starting problems I droped the needle one slot and I'm back to keeping my plug in the bike.

In truth... It starts better now then when it was new.

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