Poor Mans's Triple offset (grayracer input)

ya my 05 was like a tank before going to the 23's, and still could use a little help in the really tight stuff (which is about everything around here) i know a few people with access to high tech machine shops that might could line bore them,i know someone has sleeves as i've heard of people sleeving down to run different forks in larger clamps. i'm going to take note of how much you oblonged,do you think a little more would be over the edge or could there be some room?

I don't think I was at the edge of strength or getting things to fit. It took VERY little persuation to get forks to slide thru the both clamps. The bottom easily twisted for the .035 offset I did. It also meant my top clamp sat .004 crooked on the top stem lock nut. Again the top clamp easily twisted this amount to clamp flat as I tightened the nut. I think you could almost pull off a .050 top offset which would give you almost 4mm offset at the wheel which would be like a 21mm offset clamp. This is at the wheel center about 24" below bottom clamp (rider sag height).

thats cool thanx for doin the math for me! my aproach will be to bore the correct angle into top and bottom together so as to alleviate any twisting. has nobody else ever tried this on dirtbikes besides tw557 ?

I was sitting there in Phoenix when Pingree busted the forks off his KTM 125 on that triple.

This sounds terrifying to me, preloading the steering stem at all sounds like trouble to me, the bottom of the stem takes most of the load anyway.

I'm 245 without gear and some of the landings I've taken were nasty enough, on my 05 I bent the front axle and broke one of the needle bearings in the rear linkage by over jumping a big table.

Call me chicken but for woods riding it might be ok but I would not do it for MX.

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