2007 WR450's Are Here!

I just went to my local dealer and checked out the 07 WR450. I did see one down in Baja during the Baja 1000 race a couple of weeks ago. The guy riding it flew his in from Japan, (Cheater). He had a IMS 3 gallon tank on it. He said all he had to do was remove the smog stuff, and buy the YZ Radiator Shrouds to make it fit. He was using the IMS Tank for the 2006 YZ450. I have a garage full of parts ready to put on ,and I will take notes on how to remove the Smog crud.

This thread is worthless without pics!! But seriously, I wonder if the WR's have a model specific shroud panels like a couple of years ago? Mebbe the Japanese models are different but I wonder why this guy in Baja had to change the shrouds when installing his IMS tank. I wonder what the diff is between an '06 vs 07 fuel tank from IMS is? Hmmmmmm:confused: So many unanswered questions about the '07's.

I am 100% sure that the 06, 07 YZ an 07 WR rad shrouds are the same...looking at the pictures and seeing a YZ and WR 2007 side by side...I don't understand why he would have to change ???

I'll find out soon as I have bought 06 YZ plastics kit for my WR 07

I wonder what the diff is between an '06 vs 07 fuel tank from IMS is?

The 06' tank is the same as the 07' tank. They haven't changed. At least that's what IMS told me when I ordered mine up :D:worthy:

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