Spare wheel set: 650 to 400 Wheels?

I'm looking to pick up a set of wheels for my XR650L and wnat to know if wheels (esp front) from a 400 XR will swap over without mods. I cannot find a set from the 650 but have seen several off of a 400. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I have a set of wheels for a 650l. I got them off e-bay and never even mounted them. They have all the bearings and stock rotors, and the axles and spacers. They seam to be in good shape. PM me

i know that the back fits because i have been running it on my 650l. everything on the back works like the rotor and the sprocket, even the same size as stock. as for the front it looks as if it will fit, i measured and everything seems the same but i have not put it on yet.

do you still have the rear xr650l wheel assembly?

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