AIS Removal kit

I'm a newbie to this site, bare with me. This last Saturday, I bought a new 2006 WR450F and now I'm looking for some info. I've read about YAMAHA's AIS Removal kit(GYT-5TJ93-69-00), but what does it include?

I haven't seen one in person, but I'm betting a couple of plugs to insert and block off where the AIS is removed.

I used the TT kit. But I think the GYTR kit comes with all the plugs you need to block off the tube ports. A 48 pilot jet, adjustable needle and yz throttle stop. But if you are seirous about jetting you will be buying the JD jet kit and that comes with all the needles you need and you can cut the WR throttle stop to YZ spec. I would recomed the TT kit. I have heard their is a long wait for the GYTR kit.

I have a GYTR kit for an 06 WR 450 $25.00 + Shipping.


I have installed the GYTR kit on a neighboor's bike, it comes with an adjustable needle, clip, 48 pilot jet, and rubber and metal plugs for the smog system.

Although, I don't understand why someone would spend an average of $35 bucks for the GYTR AIS kit that comes with the proper jetting to richen up the bike and also spend $75 for the JD kit. Can anyone tell me why the JD kit also?

I just fitted the TT kit today. It was a breeze! I was getting incredible overrun (popping when off throttle) - its all but gone now since I fitted the kit. :worthy:

I have a '06 WR450F also with the free mods. I want to install the AIS kit also, but if I ride in a ORV park, will I not be able to since its a smog thing? Sorry for the dumb question, my last bike was a '02 YZ426F. I have 306 miles is all on my 450 now, I can't wait till next summer!


I gotta say - my bike was quite literally spitting 2 foot flames when I was off throttle. With the AIS kit fitted it doesnt do it at all. I'd say that was a bit more environmentally friendly! :worthy: (Fire hazard is the #1 concern here in California)

I bought the AIS removal kit from a Yamaha dealer today. Install this weekend.

I bought the AIS removal kit from a Yamaha dealer today. Install this weekend.

Installed, but couldn't finish. My bike was missing parts from the dealership. Update on performance later.

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