Front brake stuck

I took my bike, 2001 XR650r out for a ride today, but didn't get very far. After about 1.5 miles in 5th gear 3/4 throttle I noticed my bike wasn't going like it should. I opened it up all the way and the power was not there.When I let off the throttle I felt the bike slowing down from the front wheel. I came to a stop and got off the bike. Looking at my brakes I noticed they started to smoke. I squeezed the front brake lever and it was hard. About 10 minutes later the brake pads freed up and felt like they released. The problem I noticed next was the front brake rotor was warped and rubbing agaisnt the caliper. The rotor is flat in the center and warped around the edges kinda like a bowl. My only thought was it got very very hot.

Anybody experience or heard of anything like this before.



Sounds like you need to rebuild the caliper possibly...

Oh yeah, You'll need a new rotor now...:worthy:


Maybe it started off with a bent rotor that went un noticed.

If you have handguards that touch the end of the lever, this can cause the front brake not to release all the way (or on the clutch, the clutch not to engage if you have a hydr clutch).


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