power valve spring

i have a stupid question my 300 came with a few springs and a neadle and jet . i have a green and a redish spring is that the red spring for the power valve??? The go fast spring

picture of what i got


The springs are for the power valve. Your bike should have a yellow spring in it.

yea but is the spring in the picture the red one

Those look like the same parts that I got with my '06' 250sx.

What year is your bike?

54837072000-auxiliary spring 'soft' red

54637072300-auxiliary spring 'mid.' yellow

54837072100-auxiliary spring 'hard' green

its a 07

My bike came with those parts in that bag that the manuals and stuff are in.

I also got a box of stuff with my bike. It had a spare set of shrouds, front # plate, grips, air filter, # plate backgrounds and shroud graphics and a pad for the tripple clamps.

So which spring do I use if I want the snappiest ride?

Red, thats is why it is painted red. Be prepared for a different animal. Yellow or green for less of a hit in muddy or slippery conditions. I use yellow at all times. Two much hit in the red for me.

just got done puting the red spring in. i also rejeted the carb and put a head light on it

Of course you never need to re jet for a different power valve spring so you must have had other jetting issues.. I would have run the same spring, then ride the bike for a while, then change springs.But of course you can still do that. Lets us know what you think of the red monster.

i'm thinking i might be able to go to clear creek for the day next weekend if nonething comes up

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