what is a good

price for a 1999 yz400f in great shape guys asking $2000 it has about 1grand in aftermarket parts rad.braces triple clamps hes the first owner and it has been well maint. thanks in advance :worthy:

Has the top end ever been done?

i dont think so he never said anything about that ill have 2 ask him

not a bad price if it is in great shape. I think for 2000 it should be near spotless. It probably has the normasl yz wear on the frame. I think the main thin to ask about is the top end though ( as the previous response suggested. Ask it he has ever put rings, new piston, timing chain, and valve adjustment. The timing chain is something that is overlooked many times, but if it wears to much it can cause some pretty expensive damage. Also take a look at the oil and filter. If they don't look right, or they are dirty it could mean some headaches later

just bought a 99 yz400f w/ asv's pro tapers and white bro's exhaust for 1800.00 in texas. They are a different bike, so do some research on it if you have not already. All in all it is a pretty good bike.

$2000 sounds like way too much money to me. You have to remmeber that the bike is coming up on being 8 year old four stroke technology. An 02 for $2000 sounds about right but for a 99? Aftermarket hop up parts are great and all but i consider them a selling point but not a reason to increase the selling price. I guess it always depends on where you live and the supply and demand, that changes things drastically. In colorado i think the 99 is would be worth about $1600. I sold my 02 last spring with a bunch of aftermarket parts for $2200. I thought i gave him a decent price but was not a super low price

my suggestion would be to price ouut what it would take in parts to do the top end. If you are mechanically inclined figure in some labor anyway. He won't know if you are doing it yourself, but it does take up your time. Then say that his price sounds good, but it will take xx.xx amount of dollars to get it up to snuff.

Key word is "Asking" Why would you pay $2000 for an asking price. Me personally if Im looking to buy or sell a used bike...I dont expect the price they list to be what they expect to pay or the price I intend to get...Only exception is if the bike is listed as firm.

I see 2000 & 2001 YZ426's listing for approx $2500 around my neck of the woods in Floirda where there are an abundance of bikes for sale...but from my understanding a 426 was quite a step up compared to the 400. I dont see why you couldnt get that bike for 1600-1800 range....and again thats if it has been meticulously kept up with.

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