XR650R footpeg issue

There's a footpeg problem on these bikes?

There's a footpeg problem on these bikes?

That's a good one!:censored:

What is the benefit of doing the AH mod versus drilling and safety wiring the bolts?

ahem - joke police to the rescue - the guy asking is selling the fix :censored:


lol, sorry!

What is the benefit of doing the AH mod versus drilling and safety wiring the bolts?

The bracket that loops over the frame helps spread out the force applied to the bolts. Sorry this is a bit oversimplified.

There's a footpeg problem on these bikes?

Can you PM me or post a better picture of your product? I'm having a hard time understanding what it does from the picture on your website.

sorry for the ressurection and possible repost, still working out my own foot peg problem...

It seems that most break the FRONT bolt?

mine broke the rear bolt which it seems cannot be drilled out to through bolt, the broken bolt is being a real pain to extract but its gotta come out, my problem is that if i mess up the threads i think i might be screwed...

any help would be great.

bump for clarification:D

I'm in the same boat. Rear bolt sheared, and now I managed to break the screw extractor off as well. Seems the steel in the extractor is extremely hard and my drill bits can't get through it. Any suggestions at this point? Is there a particular type of drill bit that should be able to do this? Thanks in advance.


Call up AHD: http://www.animalhousedesigns.net/products.htm

I had the 1X fix on my 03 until I bent the peg perch bad enough to need a new one. Kritter at AHD sent me one of his and not only is it cheaper than the 1X, I think, it is a better piece. It mounts up clean and leaves more of a gap between the frame rail and the engine.

I just put the AHD fix on my new bike last night. Mounted up clean. Confidence inspiring.

Chicken- How'd you bend the peg perch?

Did you hit something, do you weigh 300lbs, or did you do a 20 ft dropoff?

maybe try some PB Blaster in there for a while and let it soak. as far as drilling it.... buy the best drill bit you can get, and use some cutting oil while drilling it. If there is still some of the EZ out sticking out of the bolt, use a hammer and punch to snap it off flush so you can start the bit.

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