Aftermarket Valves...Where Art Thou INDY

My intake valves will not hold a clearance. I adjusted them 7hours ago and the clearances were in spec .10-.15mm. Now after just one day they are out of spec. .07mm, .05mm, .10mm. The exhausts are totally fine and still holding from their last shim adjustment nearly 120hrs ago.

So, I believe it's time to do a valve job. I don't want to just buy a new head, because of cost and I have some porting done to my existing head. I figure I will just have the seats redone and install new valves, springs, and all the other clips and retainers.

What are some good aftermarket SS valves to use?

Stocks OEM valves are expensive and maybe not the best route to go since I won't be racing this bike anymore.

I think you're going to find it hard to beat replacing with OEM from the TT store from a cost point of view. Kibblewhite or other SS valves are cheaper, but require a spring and retainer kit that is much more costly that the stock YZ springs due to their added mass. Other Ti valves are conciderably more expensive than stock.

I am by no means a racer, so I wasn't looking for increased performance when I rebuilt my 426, so I did a whole lot of looking for cost and durability info before I rebuilt, and found that going with stock (which had given me 6k+ miles of good, reliable service) was the cheapest option, and very likely the most reliable as well. The higher spring pressures that the KW valves require does put higher contact stresses on the valve seats, so I kinda think that what you gain in durability of the valves, you give up in durability of the seats (unless you have Cu seats pressed in...not a cheap mod). I picked up a 426 head from Eric Gorr for 250 bucks that had new guides, the seats cut, and some mild port work done, and ordered all the valves, seals, keepers, retainers, and springs from the TT store. That turned out to be the best value I could come up with. Engine Dynamics has a great rep for head work as well.

Here is what I did:

Kibble White 80-80215 Intake SS center: $38.50

Kibble White 80-80217 Intakes SS pair: $77.50

Kibble White 80-0220 intake guides (3 total) : $46.05

Kibble White 80-80206 valve springs (5 total): $244.98

Kibble White 80-80230 exhaust guides (2 total): $30.70

Valve seats cut and installed professionally: $175.00

Total $612.73

The valves are so good and durable that even after 2 years since the upgrade the bike kick starts with your hand when hot and e-starts cold down to 30 degrees.:worthy:

There are cheaper solutions but if you ride a lot like I do the SS valves are the way to go.:D

Thanks Indy! I'll take your advise and go with SS valves.

How much are the OEM valves from the TT Store?

How much are the OEM valves from the TT Store?

Go to the TT store and find out!...SC

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