How much is too much??

Could two small dings, on my head pipe, from being roosted, affect my bikes performance??? I'd say they are about 7-10 mm long, if that. Maybe 2 mm deep.


Too small to worry about. There should be no noticable change.

Freeze them out.

Stand the pipe up like a "U", fill it partially with water, and close the ends with plastic wrap and rubber bands. Then pop it into the freezer positioned so that the dents are underwater. When the water freezes, it will push the dents out.

Be a little careful with it, as titanium gets a little brittle when it's cold.

How about creases rather than dents? I have a bend not really a crease at the bend and was wondering if it would straighten it out? Guess I could try it?

Thanks for the info guys. I will definately try the freezer trick, moving the hungry man as we speak.

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