xr650l shock problem??

i have a problem with the shock on my 02 xr650l w/ just under 10,000 miles. when i bought it i never noticed this but i did not ride it much, broke my arm the day after i got it, before i installed kouba lowering link. after that it would not rebound after you compressed the suspension. i removed the shock and noticed that i apeered not have any nitrogen in it and that it would not hold any. i was going to take it apart and check it out last night but i decided to see if it would hold any air and it did. so i took it and had it charged with the recommended psi and put it back on. now it is still doing the same thing. hope that this makes sence. any suggestions? thanks.:worthy:


Sounds like the link is not installed right. Try going to the stock setup, and see what happens. The shock should rebound with the spring tension, whether you have the correct nitrogen pressure in it, or not.

If it don't work out I have an extra shock off an 96 that I will sell you real cheap. pm me

i have tried changing the bearings, stock link, different stock link and it still would not rebound.

If you have ruled out the linkage binding and are certain it is the shock itself, it sounds like a bent shock shaft. Other parts could be binding up on the shaft internally, but I do not see why if you have not taken it apart.


try spitting on it and it should slide right in......I mean compress and rebound smoothly :worthy:

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