Hollister Hills Poker Run

There is a poker run at Hollister Hills on New Years day... Heard they had some nice prizes to give away.... Anyone interested???????? Proceeds go to the OHV volunteers for equipment... :D:D:)


I think I might be interested too. Can you provide any additional information. I hope the weather lightens up a little. Will it be rain or shine? What are the conditions like up there now? I am looking for a place to ride on New Years day! Can't think of a better reason to remain sober! :) Thanks, P

Its been raining pretty hard for a few days.. No rain today and the forecast is possible showers.. I have a friend who is setting up the route and they are going to call me if its cancelled.. Its muddy as hell but hey thats what makes for good clean fun... Its starts late around 1030 since they expect some hangovers.. Sign up starts at 0830.. SO far its still on... They have some great prizes to give away also...

upper ranch?

I just checked weather.com and it doesn't look too good. RAIN!!!! :) YUK!

i'll be there! rain or shine! gotta love the hangover classic!

The conditions at HH have been outstanding, even the Renz property was open yesterday.

Found this at Southbayriders,


There is only a slight chance of rain from now through the 1st. Even if the adobe sections are too slick for opening, conditions in the granite area will be prime. Almost all of the wide trails have been graded recently including Peats, Jay, Mystic, and Toyon.

The Poker run is just a good excuse to get out and ride with the donation going to a good cause!

I just replied to an 8yr old thread, Maybe a Mod type could move it to the Calif. section.

wow it is 8 years old. i got this thread by searching "hollister hills poker run" on google. forgot to check the date my bad ha ha.

it was believable cause it has been raining! anyways i hope to see you guys out there.

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