Hydraulic clutch on 06-07 need a pic of something

I was wondering if someone can post a pic of the slave cylinder mounted on a 06 or 07 yz450.I would suppose even a 03-05 would work as well.

Here you go, hope this helps. Magura on an '06 YZ450.


how do you like the function of the hydraulic clutch? I have heard good things, but the clutch action on the new yamahas is already pretty awsome

My guess is you will probably won't find a pic of a hydraulic clutch on a 07. The pull is so easy already:thumbsup: :worthy:

FWIW, I have a Magura on my 03 and it mounts under the carb.

The '03 had a different actuator arm and cable anchor setup than the later years.

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