Sweet 450f!

Just had a chance to go do a close up inspection of one of the sweeter YZ450F's I've ever seen... Doug Dubach came to Florida and raced the Winter Olympics (Mini O's) and the bike is sitting at a friends shop.

He took me out and we checked it - first thing I noticed were these odddd looking forks (I knew what they were). The bike is all white with red graphics to make it look like the original YZ400F...

The forks - factory suspension straight from Yamaha! That's what I liked! LOL

Doug had a nice carbon/ti I believe pipe on it - he had his radiator lowering kit on the bike though the new bikes have lower radiators - he had a locking adjuster on the preload spanner so it couldn't back off as the new bikes have only 1 spanner...

I'll get more time to check it out in a few days - I'll have to slide over and take some photos of it.

Yes they offered to sell it to me - NO I couldn't mortgage the house to buy it! hahaha

Mikeee P

looking forward to the pictures

what shop are you talking about?

I worked at Streit's in Gainesville where the mini o's are held back in the late 80's early 90's.

Same place - the races are still at Gatorback in Gainesville (the old National track). Instead of Bill & Gerry West though, Wyn Kern runs things now. Wyn is the owner of the old Performance Engineering that Ronnie Tichenor always raced for - and later Jamie Dobb raced for - for a while. Wyn now has Performance Honda in Orlando and runs the Winter Olympics (Mini O's) and Gold Cup Series as well as Florida Winter Series.

Beach Sport Yamaha (BSY) in Cocoa has Dubachs bike though. They are the East cost Yamaha support team and show up at all the races with parts for the Yamaha riders - so they supplied Doug with the bike while he was here to win the... I think +40 and +45 classes, and supplied bikes to Kevin Walker to win the +25 and +30 I believe.

So the bike is at BSY in Cocoa...


Yeah, I knew they still ran the Mini O's at Gatorback. They've been there the last 35 years. We had a couple of Alaskan riders go down this year. I went 3 of the last 4 years myself. I really like the event. That thanksgiving feast is always a hoot. It is still a sort of homecoming for me. I have friends that live minutes from the track in Newberry and Jonesville.

Instead of Bill & Gerry West though, Wyn Kern runs things now. Mike

That's not FZ1 Wyn with all the magazine cover bikes is it?

Last project of his I saw was a naked R1 project that made me drool all over my keyboard.

Very nice guy with more talent in his pinky than I have in my entire family tree.

Goes crazy with the safety wire though. :worthy:


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