01 WR426 Throttle Stop Easy!!

I just shaved 10mm from the throttle stop on the 01 WR. It was easy, I loosened the clamp between the head pipe and silencer and slid it foward. I unbolted the coil from the frame and slid that foward. I then pulled the coolant overflow out of the way. This left pleanty of room to get a 4mm hex head wrench in to remove the throttle stop screw. Use one of those hex wrenches that has a 90 degree bend and just make several small turns. I marked off 10mm w/a razor and cut it w/a hax saw.

I also have an '01 wr426, and did this same modification; however, I removed the entire carb. I started with 10mm. But that wasn't enough. I ended up taking approximately 12.5mm off. I'm sorry about not knowing exactly how much I cut off. I started with 10mm, then 1mm more, then some grinding on the bench grinder. My throttle slide opens completely and flush to the top of the throat. You may want to remove your carb, so you can manually twist the throttle and peer in to see exactly how far up the slide is moving. Good Luck.

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