Shock is leaking...

Have any of you had trouble with the shock leaking oil at the compression adjuster screw? I was adjusting it last night and the oil started coming out around the screw at about 14 clicks out. I was trying to go through the entire range of adjustment to make sure I was where I wanted to be and it spewed a little. :)

Any thoughts?

You may want to bring it in for a rebuild. My experience w/ shocks is to not back it out fully. My friend did it 3x w/ his YZ250 2 stroke.

He had Race Tech do the work (tipped the scales @ 300#). The last time he sent it in, Paul Thede himself rebuilt the shock. I "scolded" my friend about doing the same thing over and over again. He stopped backing out the compression adjuster...

[ December 29, 2001: Message edited by: John Curea ]


If you are having oil leaking around the adjuster at 14 clicks out, there is most likely an oring that is leaking.

Just make sure the adjuster isnt backed out past the point of intended adjustment. Soon as you feel a little resistence when you are backing out the adjuster, STOP.

Depending on what year you have, the limit should be around 18-22 clicks full out.

Take Care, John

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