My name is David and have been a lurker on this board for a few months while trying to decide on my latest purchase.

Since I'm the proud owner of a new 2007 XR650L, I'm a lurker no more.

I would like to say thanks to those that post the great information on this board.:applause:

David, David here also...I have also been a lurker here (until now). I Just purchased my 2007 XR650L yesterday! I had it out for around an hour today, and am loving it! My first XR was a 1979 XR 500, followed a few years later with an XR 350, then in 1990 an XR 600. I got out of the dirt scene for a while and got into Harley's, but recently got the bug again after realizing how much I missed it and decided to go the Dual Purpose route... (getting unsafe to leave a truck/trailer in the woods here, so I decided to buy a bike I could ride there and not have to worry about it). OK, didn't mean to ramble...Good luck with the new bike, can't wait for spring here!!!!

Welcome to TT.... Always happy to see new Red Rider's.

Welcome both of you guys, To Thumpertalk....


Hey, Dave.

Hey, Dave.


Hey, Dave.

Hey, Dave.


Dave's not here, man...

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