"Dial-A-Jet" Fuel Induction System

Does anyone have experience using a "Dial-A-Jet" Fuel Induction System from Thunder Products (http://www.thunderproducts.com/dial_a_jet.htm)? I heard about this product recently from a friend and am wondering whether it would minimize the time spent on jetting adjustments when riding at different altitudes?


dead link

i sure will not be drilling a hole im my carb for that!

lets se one on a K fcr carb..............

i don't know,it looks like a sound idea. i have to jet my bike lean because the rekluse clutch i run makes the jetting highly sensative. if it doesn't work you can just plug the hole and send it back (i would imagine there is some sort of return policy) this company has been around for some time and have offered this product for years. and i seem to recall a few people on TT that have tried it and loved it. i was gonna send my carb to zip ty but i think i'm gonna go this route,has anyone else used this thing. i'm gonna try to search it...... ok well,as with anything else the search comes back with mixed results; seems like it works much better on 2 smokes and is widely used in snomobiling. there were only a couple people totally satisfied and alot more that weren't, even "burned" chimed in on several posts saying they didn't belong on a 4 stroke....guess i'd better give zip ty a shot at it first

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