XRL - Y not a LOUD exhaust?


Correct, you get heard..... by all the people BEHIND you, and they already know your there. So again, how does this alert those in front of you?

That's wrong. You can hear a Harley coming a mile away. Just because the exhaust gasses are BEHIND the rider doesn't mean that the sound doesnt carry forward, and to the side etc.

Think about it.

I'm an overweight guy on a big red pig of a bike and I'm still not always seen by the minvan moms. Imagine if I was on a cruiser?

Personaly, I think the louder sound is kinda tuff....

if your worried about having a "tuff" appearance then you should not be riding a "nerd bike" {650L}.

That's wrong. You can hear a Harley coming a mile away. Just because the exhaust gasses are BEHIND the rider doesn't mean that the sound doesnt carry forward, and to the side etc.

Think about it.

I'm an overweight guy on a big red pig of a bike and I'm still not always seen by the minvan moms. Imagine if I was on a cruiser?


Correct, you can hear it coming from a long way off "standing outdoors on a clear night " with little background noise. Inside a modern vehicle with all of the sound deadening and the windows up and A/C on (as most people do) even with NO radio, kids distractions you still won't hear a bike until it is at the very least along side of you.

You guys can argue with me till your blue in the face and It won't change my mind. I've got 43yrs experience on 2 wheels, 35 as a licensed driver and 30+ as a Comercial Vehicle/Heavy Equip Op. Between racing vehicles (bikes &cars), trucks, and heavy equip I've got a small amount of hearing loss and wish these Db restrictions would have been enacted sooner. I've heard your arguments for most of these many years, I've seen the evidence and science that show your argument to be WRONG. My personal experiences don't show any reason to believe a loud bike is a safer bike, quite the contrary I usually see more "mufflerless" bike involved in fatal crashes than mufflered ones.

I've also watched as MANY of the areas I used to enjoy riding in be closed and so many more be severly restricted to access. All this and many more on the way to being lost because way to many of us are inconsiderate to the wants and needs of the local property owners.

So for the last time I'll say it..... I'd rather ride with a muffler than wax a relic of past pleasures.

:confused: :confused: :crazy:

From a guy who ridden the REAL "thumpers", 441 Victor, Greeves, Matchless, Big Bore 613 Triumph! E-button? I don't got no stinkin' button!!


Since you're "hell bent" on telling us what we can and can not hear, and under which circumstances we hear / don't hear it, I'll just say that I for one have never heard of anyone riding "mufflerless" on a dirtbike let alone heard of anyone getting into crashes because their bike is too loud.

That said I have a Procircuit T4 on mine and I do think it's a bit loud and someday will replace it with something quieter. I hope the zoned out senior citizens bother to notice me when that happens. They aren't always very aware of their surroundings.

Since you have VAST experience and knowledge of all things motorcycle and prefer to kick start your bikes, (the merit badge is in the mail) I still appreciate your viewpoint and I'm positive that we'll find common ground elsewhere, like old Chevy trucks for instance (?). I never support irresponsible riding practices.

BTW Rhode Island has NO "legal" riding areas anyway. The best I can do is hope to be ignored when I'm out on the trails.

The offroad community has done everything they can to keep riding areas, and they still get closed. The percentage of piped ATV's and snowmobiles is a lot smaller than it is with dirt bikes, and those people still have problems keeping the riding areas, or adding to them. When we all have quiet pipes on our bikes, the "greens" will then complain that there is ANY noise, where they want to go. It never ends with them.

Who do you think would sponsor such a study, as you think is necessary to prove the point? I can only provide opinion on what I have observed in my highway riding. I put a quieter exhaust on my GSXR, same problem. Oh yeah,

I've been riding for 44 years, roadraced 17 of those. Former MSF instructor, served on the State of MN Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee, and in all my years, I've yet to find someone who believes that people in cars respect the space we have on the road. Until that happens, I'm going to make sure that I do what I can to get their attention. When the first car driver says to the investigating officer, "you know, I heard him coming, but pulled out anyway" THEN I'll put my stock cans back on, because that will be the last hope.

Nerd bikes, eh?

Don't get me started.....

^ are you friggin' serious? The Exhaust Can directs the sound where you've been not where you're going?

Get a Louder horn it directs the sound out in front of you (where you're going).

Loud pipes do nothing but piss people off. A 92Db pipe on an XR isn't all that loud compared to a D&D piped 1000cc Crotch rocket or a a piped H-D but being in the Mind Set that "loud pipes save llives" is foolish. Most cars today isolate so much sound they probably can barely hear anything outside of the especially with the Radio on, DVDs being played, GPS talking, CellPhone in the ear etc etc. Get some Hi-Viz clothing Bright Jacket, Helmet etc ride with the high beam on and you'll be more likely to be "noticed" by a CAGER than your loud pipe.

I love the misinterpretation of the Doppler effect. Sound travels at the speed of 769 mph. You can hear it from behind, even with the tail pipe pointed backwards because it travels in all 3 dimensions . The Doppler effect refers to the sound waves being compressed in front of the vehicle. This creates the drop in pitch at the bike goes by you. We've all been in a car once and heard un-baffled Harley's long before seeing them. When I hear this in my truck, I check my mirrors and usually make room in the middle for the approaching rider. 3 a.m. - I agree- straight pipes suck. In traffic, very effective in the age of cell phones and mini-vans.

^ That might work with a Harley but the XRL isn't putting out enough sound to alert anyone you're comming L O N G before you get there.

It works with a lot of things, including an XRL with a Yosh can. I don't need people to hear me, "a long way off", as long as they know I'm there. It's not the cure-all or the end-all in bike safety, it is another tool that has been effective in keeping them away from my spot on the highway. Simple, effective, and obnoxious as hell to some people....it works, regardless of what you may think. Sorry.

everyone will spat about this for years. loud makes more power. flows freely. quiet is just quiet.

With 23 years on road bikes, loud pipes to a certin extent are good ,In the woods depending on area can go both ways.I have seen deer and bears when I run quiet pipes, but not so with the FMF. as long as you ride I dont care ether way!!!

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