Finicky 04

I've got an '04 450 thats all stock with all free mods done. I rode it quite often when I first bought it and dabbled in some supermoto, but lately it's been ridden less and less and when I do ride it doesn't seem to run too great. Does the carb. get pretty gummed up on these bikes easily from sitting? I'm talking like a few months of sitting. For instance I rode about a month ago after not riding for awhile and the bike would idle poorly and hesitate with throttle. It seemed to clear out eventually and run better. Yesterday I started it up and it sounded ok until I took off the choke, then it would idle poorly and hesitate again. I also have a problem with the GYTR exhaust insert. Without it the bike is obviously very loud and obnoxius but it does seem to run better this way. With the insert in the bike spits, sputters, crackles, and pops! Is this normal? Right now I'm on the fence about keeping it or selling it as its the most tempermental bike I've owned.

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