Little help please...

Just got that fuel screw, but where it goes???????? ( stupid or what )


take off the float bowl, punch out the stop, and on the inside of the carb you'll see the stock fuel screw there, remove it, and put on float bowl, then the new one, make sure oring, spring, and washer are all oriented proper.

Thank you Mountain Max...

...kind of hided behind that little "cover washer".

Happy hollidays!

WoW meusoc45, nice pics, and very clean bike, jeesh, must be brand new.

if you have a dental pick you dont need to pull the bowl off.. just take the dental pick and pick it out then while you have the carb twisted on the boots just take your screwdriver and and turn the OLD SCREW all the way in COUNTING the turns... remember that number... then unscrew the fuel screw and make sure you get the spring washer and o-ring assemble them onto the new fuel screw and slide back in there screw it all the way in and then back it out the number of turns (that number i told you to remember earlier) then start the bike and fine tune. :worthy:

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