yz426 neutral switch question?

2 things really, i took off the neutral switch to replace the o ring, and a pin was laying inside when i took it out. which way does it go back in and in which hole? there are two holes in the case behind the switch. i figure it goes into one of them.

also do u need this neutral switch? i heard there were block offs for it? is it good to do this? any links to the block off plate if it's ok...

Dr D makes a clear window neutral switch cover replacement. I have one on my 2002 250F and it works great. Look under wet sump kits at this link:


They are $27.99. The site says they work for 2001-2006 YZ250Fs and 1998-2005 YZ450Fs. I would call Dr. D before ordering just to make sure.

See the following link for the function of the neutral switch -


The neutral signal does not reduce spark plug voltage in any way. The function it serves is to tell the CDI when the bike is in neutral so that the CDI will 1) lower the rev limit, and 2) remap the ignition curve for more retarded idle timing, and in some models, substitute and advance curve that facilitates passing sound tests.

The easier starting that some report with the blue wire disconnected is either imagined, or a simple case of their particular engine liking the timing more advanced.

Either way, it affects nothing once in gear and underway. And I would not remove it from a 450. Mine starts much more readily in neutral than in gear.

The pin that fell out belongs with a spring in the hole in the end of the shift cam, not the switch.


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