07 WR what to do???? Weeew

I was all set to pick up a 07wr250 until I put some thought in to it. My plan is/was to install 290 kit and maybe dual sport it as my TE250 is geared for dirt only due to the close ratio gear box. Well after I add the Athena kit I will be close to the 450 price??? Thats why I'm here... I have been riding the smaller bikes for years and enjoy it more than the 250 2 stroke/450's. The riding here is tight and slow and the bigger bikes seem to overheat and wear me out to the point where there is no fun. I also don't care for the extra weight of the 450's. Anyone get the "real" weight of a 07 WR 450? I know what it says in the manuals and stuff but:busted: . For instance my 03 wr250f was 255lbs my 06TE250 is about 258. The 07 wr450f says.....246lbs:excuseme: If thats true then great it a done deal however my 03 250f said 238lbs and my TE said 236lbs .

I wish someone could use a ramp on their scale and weigh a 450. I don't mind 250-260lbs but thats about it. The 450 would maybe save me $$ in the long run however I KNOW that the 250/290 would be fun and lighter but????

Please please give some pro's and con's to this as I'm supposed to get the wr250 next week and they have only one wr450 in stock so far. I guess its 6400 or 7200 otd:excuseme: :worthy::D






Take up surfing?

Take up surfing?


I would go with the 450:thumbsup:


awesome pics !!

get the 450 ... (try to make it somewhat waterproof though)

and i'm not sure that i'd like to take my bike through some of that stuff - good luck to you with that

love the beach !!!!!!

Very nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!



Looks like someone should put down the camera and help get bikes out of the drink. Looks like some fun riding down there all-in-all.:worthy:

get the 450 i just got a 07 its feels like a yz. but its got big openings in side air box, maybe need a snorkle?

There is no more than 10 lbs. difference between the two. Go with the 450.

get the 450!

gear it 14/52. it will not tire you out in the bush.

I'm 165lbs, 5' 10", and not that strong {other then core}. i pick mine up fine when it falls over after 6 hours of insane single track {or no track} riding like your pictures show!

The answer is..."It depends". How much do you weigh? If you are larger (>190) then the 30 lb difference between the bikes may not be that big of a deal.

In Hawaii though, the majority of your riding is in rocks, water, and mud where you'll never use the majority of the WR450's HP...and the 250 might be a better choice for you...especially if you have to manually drag it up obstacles.

The 250 does have to be revved more though, whereas the 450 can be idled or blipped over a lot of obstacles. Just depends on the area. The tighter and rougher the terrain in general though, the more comfortable you'll be on the smaller bike.

Both bikes are awesome for 2007 (saw the 250 yesterday). Just use your common sense to make the choice...

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