RE: Larger then stock Carbs anyone?

Has anyone put larger carbs on these bikes for more performance, say a 41mm FCR or had theirs bored out? im not sure if you can on these carbs but on my Mikuni slide carbs on my racing snowmobiles we bore out the carbs 2-3mm more or get larger ones for more horsepower on top end, (too big makes it a little bogish off idle though).

Im sure i read the new Honda or Kawi comes with a 41 FCR stock, (if i didn't dream it) what's your thoughts on this subject? opinions please.................

WHEELIE here from Wheeler's Performance near Deals Gap.

I am in the process of putting a 41 fcr from a 510 husky (thanks Killboy~~) on my 02 wr426 supermoto. I started to install it and noticed that the intake boot and the port itself is smaller than the stock carb. About 37 mm. So off with her head!! While it's off I'll port it , cut the seats and wiseco 13.5/1 piston.

I have many dyno runs so far and I will let you know what it puts out.

So far I have about 46 rwh. This is with hotcams,fmf titanium powerbomb full system and may dyno runs of jetting!!


interesting idea max

wheelie would you please post your jetting for best dyno runs? I find Indy's jetting chart is very close but the more info the better.

sounds good, will be interesting to see how it works out, if so, more of us may be in search of some 41mm FCR's

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