Xr650r Vs. Crf450x

"You got that backwards. "

"Think of the 650R as the Z28 of dirtbikes. Tire frying torque, high top speed. Not very nimble."

"Think of the 450X as the Evo VII of dirtbikes. Lots of revs, not a whole lot of torque"

?im really confused now?

after riding a CRF450 I was amazed at how easily the front tire would pick up with just a twist of the throttel....im amazed that they get more torque outa the 650 than the 450....

Well, imagine it like this: The XR650 is a long-stroke, lower revving bike and the 450 is a short stroke high revving bike. The 650 makes power more like a diesel right off the bottom and there is no need to rev it much to haul ass. The 450 makes more power in the upper RPMs and less off the bottom.

The 450 lifts the front wheel easily as it is a very powerful bike. 450cc in a little package is fast. The 450s I've ridden (Kawi, but not Honda) were powerful but still "pipe-y" like a two stroke. My 600, like the 650, drives more like a car.

If you want the biggest torque of all, try a European market DR800. 800cc single cylinders are ALL torque.


I haven't ridden my 03 CRF 450 since I fell in love with my 2000 XR650 it will be 2 years ago this April, BTW the 03 Crf 450 with headlight and Led taillight is for sale, pm me or see the ad in classifieds, but that should give you a hint about my opinion on which bike I think is better

I have an xr650r with a bit of work and an crf450 with a 490 kit if you were buying the 450 and then putting a kit in it to 500 then the 450 is a bit better option that way but big red is king.

I no it all depends on the rider but im looking for the bike with the best power for the road....

Oviosly the 450X owns the 650 down-low...but what about top end-power....

my friend says he runs outa top-end with his in fields and stuff....will the 450 still have snap at 60MPH?

was your old screenname WR450F? :thumbsup:

Your buddy must be a moron, I have the 650L which has much less hp than the CRF or the XRR and it'll hit 100mph indicated on the speedo (although that is on Pavement). 60mph should be easily acheived. He's probably just running out of room in his field. I guarantee he's not topping out the bike or he's got crazy low gearing.

I always think of my 450 in terms of a tweaked out high compression small block Chevy with a big Holley double pump carb on the top. The 650 seems a lot like a big block Chevy that does not need as much compression or rpm to make the same power.

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