cylinder question

can i hone a 01 yz426 cylinder or will the nicoceal come off? is it safe?

You can hone...if you need to. The Nicasil is very hard, and tough on the stones. It doesn't take much to wear thru the coating as well. If you are trying to hone away scratches, you will likely cut thru the coating. If you are just trying to give rings a good, fresh surface to bite, you will probably be OK. Use good cutting oil, and don't keep the hone in any longer than you have to. My local machine shop says don't use a flex-hone, but they don't say why...

Also, when you're done, be sure to mic the barrel to make sure it's still within spec. Actually, I would mike it before hand as well to be sure it isn't already out of limits.

Did you have trouble with the link I sent you? If you want the rings to seat quickly and well, refinish the cylinder with a ball, or "bottle brush" hone. You have to run the hone up and down the cylinder rapidly as it turns, and use it for just 3-4 seconds at a time until the entire ring sweep is refinished, and no more. Nikasil is extremely hard, and you won't remove it this way.

ok, thanks, and yes for some reason i couldnt get through to your link, my computer is always wak! umm, this all sound good to me, except the part where Birdy426 said that if im trying to smooth out some scratches it might hurt the nicasil? i do have two little dings in the cylinder, but iv been told by two promising, knowledgable people that they are nothing to be worried about, but it would make me feel better if i could hone it. thank for the help...grayracer and birdy426

Dings? On the interior?

Anyway, Birdy's partly right in that the nikasil plating is not more than a few thousandths of an inch thick, but it is very hard, and a ball hone will remove almost none of it. My reference point is that if the scratches or wear shadows are still present after 8-10 seconds of work with a ball hone (in 2 to 3 honing "sessions"), they are likely so deep that they can only be removed by boring and replating the cylinder, and at that point, you have to decide if they're deep enough to cause you any problems.

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