Bridgestone tires

Quick Question. I'm going to try a set of Bridgestone out. Which one's are you guy's using for MX on mainly intermediate terrain? I have always used Dulop 756's and like them but want to try Bridgestones' comparable. Please don't just post up your favorite Bridgestone, like I said I've always used the 756's but don't want someone suggesting a Dunlop 739 type tire for intermediate if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance.

I personally have used the intermediate 401/402 combo and thought they worked well. They also held up pretty good too.

I have the sand tires, 201/202 and after 20 hours on the bike, on a half sand, half intermediate track, they have just started to show wear. My brother has the 401/402 combo on his Kawi and to tell ya the truth, thats what Im going with in the next month. They hold up well and the 401/402 combo seems to work real good on the track, most people run the 756, but I really perfer the Bridgestones for their wear. The Dunlops wear way to fast.

402A and 401A, they are they race replica versions in the 402, and are sweet!!

401/ what I have used in the past in TX

I like the 401 in the front. I haven't tried the BS rears at all. Right now I'm using a Dunlop 952, and I'm extremely pleased with its performance. It's holding up well, too, and the price is unbeatable. Try one.

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