Hour meter question (Blinking service)

Hey guys today I was riding Hangtown bike works outstanding I am so comfortable on this bike.. Anyways I had no issues all day bike ran strong and the revalve to my suspension is jaw dropping it's so good.

After washing it I usually bring it in dry with a towel and then take air an blow every drop of water off the bike ... I looked at my hour meter and it read

9.8 HRS

{ Service} icon blinking?

Whats up with that? For the record its an 07' 450 change the oil,clean the oil filter and new notoil airfilter every 2-3 rides never over 3. Anyone else have this problem or heard of it and what it means? I wanted to ride on a pvt sx track in the morning but now I have this blinking service icon flashing in my mind lol

At 10 hrs, it'll blink for 2 hrs and then quit. It's a built in "maintenance" reminder. I have 9.8 hr on mine, and it started doing that but....drumroll....I saved the instructions. :worthy:

I'm using NoToil but changing it every ride. Pretty dusty out here in NM and the big bike sucks a lot of air, very powerfully. Also just switched to Rotella- we'll see how that goes.

I have one on my bike that I added (Sears model) and it flashes at 20hrs I think. Ignore it and mine just stops flashing...

I bought the Sears model as well, but I dont think its working. I rode my bike for maybe 20min and it doesn't even have a .1hr on it. How tightly did you wrap the wire around the spark plug wire? How do you know if its working? I had a yamaha model on my last bike and the hour glass thing filled up when it was running to show it was working.

I'm not sure how I did it a while ago? I think there was a crertain wire at the plug that you have to tap in order for it to work? Do a search on the topic and you'll find some info. on it. I had to in order to get mine to work a year ago. I think you have to reach an insulated wire at the inside of the big black rubber cap that is wrapped around the plug? There may of been 2 wires under the cap? Pm me if you have no luck and I'll look at mine.

I just wrapped mine around the big black plug and it works fine. Mine is the "tiny tach" model. I got it at Northern Tool. It was kind of expensive though, but I had to have it then to go ride the new bike. Oh well.


when you say plug do you mean the actual plug cap or the plug wire? I wrapped mine around the wire cover. Maybe that is the problem?

The coil is built-in to the cap and you have to wrap the wire around the part that you'd pull to check your spark plug. It should flash or give you some indication that it's working.

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