2004 WR450F Suspension

Is there anything good out there on setting up your suspension? I am a big guy (about 290lbs) and would like to be a little more knowledgeable about my suspension.

My best friend set up his 04 WR for himself. He goes around 300lbs and I tip in around 280-290. I know it cost him some bucks but it is awesome. He did Race Tech gold valves, new springs and oil front and rear. He had it done at our local dealership, a Race Tech authorized shop. I will have to ask him what springs rates he ended up with. I have an 06 YZ 450 with new springs front and rear set for my weight, and I like jumping his bike better, it nice.

I'm 265-275 and I went with .50 fork springs and Mobil1 syn ATF at 120mm in the forks and 6.4 shock spring on the rear. I'm a C level rider, so I didn't do a re-valve because I don't think I'm good enough to provide the proper feedback for tuning. It's definitely better than stock.

Before a re-valve, you may want to try raising the oil height in the forks if you're bottoming.:worthy:

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