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Sag Settings (Please HELP)

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Please can some one help ive just got a WR400 2001 with no (instructions)

Its come with the suspention jacked up to the MAX, and i can't touch the floor. I have unscrewed the rear shock about 30mm and its a lot softer now, but i think a little too soft, it has 70mm sag when i am sat on it to normal. is this ok because ive heard it should be 100mm.

And is the screw on the rear shock cyilinder the recoil ajustment.... Some one please help as i have no instructions.. ASAP Thanks :):D:D

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You really want to get a 'race' sag setting of 100mm. Now this is with you standing on the bike with all of your gear on. As far as the adjustments go, the rebound is at the bottom of the shock and the Hi/Lo compression is at the top. Depending on what year your WR is, it may or may not have the Hi speed compression adjuster. If you have more questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the below address.


Rob Gideon

Race Tech

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Let’s go into more detail about setting sag.


Put your bike on a stand with the rear wheel completely off of the ground.

Take a measurement from the axle to the seat bolt, or mark a spot on the rear number plate that is straight up from the axle.


Put the bike on the ground by itself.

Take the measurement again from the axle to the seat bolt or the spot you marked on the number plate.

Subtract this measurement from the FREE SAG and this will give you the STATIC SAG measurement.

This measurement should be between 10mm – 25mm. If the measurement is less than 10mm, the shock spring is most likely too light. If the measurement is more than 25mm, the spring is too stiff for your weight.


This is best done with at least two people.

You can sit or stand on the bike (I prefer to have the rider sit on the bike, because I like to set the geometry of the bike for turns).

The most important item is to make sure that all of your weight is on the bike. This is where at least two are needed.

Then take a measurement again from the axle to the seat bolt.

Take this measurement and subtract it from the FREE SAG and this will give you your RACE SAG.

95mm-100mm should be fine; we can use this range for fine tuning the handling of a motorcycle to fit the rider.

What is your weight and what are the conditions of riding?

Take Care, John

[ December 29, 2001: Message edited by: John Curea ]

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