2003 WR450 Need carb parts

Hello, I have a 2003 WR450, I need a part for my carb. It's the plastic tee for the vent hoses on the left side of the carb. This is the one were one hose goes straight up and the other hose goes down to the swingarm. If any one knows where to get this part please let me know. thanks:thumbsup:

That sounds like an item you might be able to get at NAPA. I'd try bringing in the vent hose and explaining to them what you need. I'm sure it's about 25 bucks from Yamaha (that seems to be their minimum replacement part fee.)

Definately not a NAPA parts, this is the tee that is pressed into the carb. but thanks anyway. I guess I needed to make my self clearer. I've gone to the SUDCO website but there exploded view does not match my carb exactly, I guess I may have to just call them.

forgot to mention, you may also be able to get it at any industrial-supply type place that sells air fittings (or even automatic sprinklers perhaps), as i believe it's a standard diameter tubing...

You may be screwed. Sudco only lists for mikuni carbs; not the variations that are made for each manufacturer. That piece could be specific to Yamahas. I can see it on the parts diagram, but it has no part number.

Were you able to get the rest of the piece out of the carb? Maybe you can drill it out and epoxy a new brass or plastic tee in its' place?:worthy:

I'd ask Eddie in the jetting forum.

well only the one hose broke off the one going down to the swingarm. I spoke with sudco today they said sorry thats not part they can get. I think i will just plug the break or try to epoxy the plastic back on.

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