07 Sag

What is the recommended Sag for an 07 450? I see that most people were running in the 95 range on the 06s, is it still the same? I have 102 at the moment.

National Hare & Hound Champ and this year's 2'nd place Hare & Hound Rider, Russ Pearson, is a good friend of mine. I called him the other day to ask him this same question. He said his 06' bikes worked best at 105-108 cm. He said that the 07's are a tiny bit taller and that he hasn't completed testing yet on his 07's, but thought it would be very close to the same. (He just got his first one the other day.) Just FYI.

H&H racing is a different thing than MX, and the 105-108mm rear sag on an '06 will cause the front to push in hard corners. Hard corners are not as important an issue in Hare Scrambles as stable tracking over really rough ground is, though, and I can't argue with what a national champ says works for him.

But if you're setting up the bike for MX, it will respond much better to 95-97mm rear sag, along with raising the fork tubes 5mm in the clamps. I should point out that the bike is anything but unstable at speed when setup like this, too, an will track through some pretty outrageous stuff without a wiggle.

The '07 has a longer rear shock and steeper head angle, so in effect, these two "field fixes" were done for you at the factory. I would start with the standard 100mm of rear sag and see what it acts like. If it seems to push more than you think it should, raise the forks a bit. And by all means, experiment a little to find what you like.

You will notice that the bike will respond noticeably to a very small amount of adjustment. :worthy:

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