no charge after new regulator?

just replaced regulator/rectifier on 04 wr450 and the bike still shows charging at about 12.9v. i went through the test in the book before i replaced it and it failed charge test but appeared to pass the ohms test although my tester is cheap and maybe not too accurate, don't know? Question is the book says if the ohms test is failed then charging coil needs replacing. does this mean my stator is shot? i did a search and it sounds like the stator just trying to confirm. might have to just forget the $60 spent and go with a trailtech or other stator/reg setup for more juice. i get about 10-15 e-starts out of a fully charged battery and it's getting old on the long rides. any opinions or experience with this problem? thanks!!!

If you have 12.9 volts your charging system is working. How many volts does the meter read with out the engine running? I guess about 12.4 for example, so when the engine is running with the lights on you have 12.9 volts? You did not say at what rpm you are testing at, more rpm more volts. Did you have your battery load tested? it may be bad. Then again the bolts on the battery may be loose or dirty. Check all of the connections, clean and tight? Rev the engine and check the voltage. Do not overlook the simple stuff.

Yes, it's still charging under 13v at about 5000 rpm. Battery alone is about 12.7v with a full charge and it is fairly new. All connections are clean and tight. Like you said the charging system is working just not enough to charge the battery. Thanks.

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