clutch adjustment

I find I am having to adjust my clutch whilst riding. I have never had this on any of my other bikes I was wondering if its particular to the YZF. I was also practising starts and after starting the clutch needed to be adjusted by about three full turns to takeup the slack. Before I start riding and the bike is cold I have to loosen the clutch to have more free play.:worthy:

Its not an issue, I was just curious if its normal?

I've noticed that myself while riding. Maybe they are finally performing as designed, they have had the adjuster on them for ages now. :worthy:

As the clutch warms up the plates expand causing the need for a little bit of adjustment. In addition, as you use up the clutch you’ll need to adjust it. I'm sure you already know this. The “use up” part really depends on how much you use your clutch during a normal ride. If you are having to adjust it by three turns every time you ride it, you may have another problem. Are your oil levels correct?

I think there may be something else going on. The cable almost acts like it stretches with temp increase, but shrinks back after cooling off again.

its probably cause your beating on your clutch. I assume your slippin the clutch from second on your starts? thatll heat the clutch up fast. I even notice on my mustang that the pedal fades if i slip it when drag racing and i have a race clutch. Im sure your fine...just another quirk of the yzf. Enjoy it, i know i am !!!!

Thanks for the responses. It doesn't need adjusting by three turns every ride it was just the one session practicing starts. It sounds from the above that it nothing to serious.

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