Can anyone help with a hard start problem on my sons TTR125L. Its getting to where it wont start or is hard to start when its cold. after you get it going it run like a champ.

I did some MODS to it but just after the mods it started and ran fine. but now it seems to get harder and hard to get it to fire.

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I have a TTR125L also, I mean, its my wifes bike :):D

After I did the air box mod, I had to kick to the moon to get it started. I think the jetting needs to be fattened up or the choke circuit needs changed.

The only way I could start it cold way to pull the rubber boot off of the carb and choke it with a rag.

Reminded me of an old SL90 I had.

Take Care, John

BuckeyeDude 426 F,

I to have a TTR-125L (wifes) and it is just about out of the break in period. It NEVER had problems starting unitl it got cold (20-30 degrees). I thought that maybe it was the plug or that the jetting needed to be changed.

Sorry I do not have much to offer you but being simpathetic to your problem.

I was wondering what is the exhaust mod and air box lid mod that you did to your TTR 125?

My wife too has a "01 TTR-125L with no mods and never a problem starting.My suggestion would be to call or e-mail BBR and tell them the mods you did and the problems you're having and see what they say. Afterall, they are the 125L pros!!!

Hey Guys thanks for the info i'll check with bbr. But I just Noticed it seems alot of guys with 426f's also have the TTR125L. Thats really cool :-)

And by the way if you have a buddy with a lathe cut the bulk off your fly wheel it's the best mod I have done. It makes the bike much snappier. Took about 2 hours.

check it out.

Thanks John. Thats where I got my MOD info.

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I broke down and took my daughters ttr125 to the bike shop to have the hard starting fixed they told me that it needed to be richend up a bit but I think they did some choke modifications because it feels totaly diferent when pulling it on and it starts very well. The shop Herbs cycle town also did it for free even though the bike was 4 months old. :)

We just sold my wifes 01 TTR and it too was a real pain to start. The scenario when we delivered it to the buyer was funny. He just had one TTR for his wife and just recently his sons was stolen. In addition he had a new 450f. He was telling me how easy the f was to start compared to my WR. He then hopped on the TTR and just could not seem to get the hang of starting it. After several start up and dies I jumped on the little one and started it 3 times for him on the first kick. I told him that you need to treat it like the WR......find TDC pull the choke all the way out and kick completely through, then leave it alone and go put some gear on for 2-3 minutes. This worked every time with my wifes. We also lightened the flywheel. The bike was totally different after that. After the babies come we will be looking for Yamaha's new YZ/WR 150 for my wife. PS be carefull with the little thumper one of my co-workers bought one for his 13 year old son who is ~160lbs. This kid jumped the hell out of the bike. While the bike was still under warranty the rear hub failed around the sprocket bolts, then about 4 months later 6-8 cracks were discovered in the frame. They ended up purchasing a new frame from BBR.

Since you brought up the frame thing , could you tell me if the bike had the bbr frame tie?


Frame broken in half, rear hub exploded, engine cases broken, bars bent, forks twisted. fixed by welding frame, adding BBR frame connecter, 30% heavier BBR springs, drilling hub, adding larger grade 8 bolts, welding engine cases and adding BBR chain guide, renthal bars, and fork brace. This bike is only ridden by my 13 yr old son and wife. My son does ride hard at the local MX track but he only weighs 90#. Yamaha was no help at all. I love my 00 426, but this TTR 125L is a toy and very expensive for what you get. mike

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