Street versus Dirt

Who rides sreet?

Do you think that street has made you better in dirt? or vice-versa?

I've heard both and would be curious to hear the answers / theories.

I'll post my ideas after the post is dead. (May be tomorrow the way my posts go)


I ride a 2000 Suzi Katana 600 about 10k miles a year and a 99 WZ about 5k miles. Riding my WZ both dirt and street has made me a much safer and faster rider on the Katana. I'm not afraid to slide it now on wheelie out of corners. It was a major plus to learn these skills on a lighter, more nimble bike.

Overall, I would say dirt riding makes me a better street rider. Why? The dirt allows you slide, skid,spin,and dostuff that would hurt you and the bike bad on the street. You eventually know how to control the bike in slides, skids, hard braking, etc pretty well, that is if you ride in loose terrain enough and push the bike.

When you are faced with this situation on the street, you know exactly how to control it, and avoid an accident.

Reading a diffcicult trail terrain vs. a typical city road. You learn to choose the right "place to be" on both bikes. Dirt rding takes into acct many more factors, street riding seems easier to just go somewhere and focus on the road/cars/ signs. The practice getoffs and hopefully many near crashes you had on the dirt will add greatly to your ability to stay in control the street bike. When you loose traction on the street, you won't have to recall what the BMV Safety manual says to do. You just "Do It".

be careful out there, even my little crotch rocket YZF600 smokes just about any car under 400hp. Who needs a muscle car? :):D

Hello Tom I think dirt riding improves street riding as most replies have said, I did notice when I used to ride on the street (80 GS100S Wish I still had it) I noticed it improved my consentration alot because on the street you really have to pay attention to whats going on around you. And I never did wheelies on the street :D or never road Bear Creek at 100mph at night :D Yes I did survive and luckily never crashed :) Be careful out there guys.

Ride Safe And Ride Often :D

I totally agree that dirt experience helps to make a better street rider. Back in the early to mid 80's I was commuting about 138 miles per day. For two years I rode a motorcycle except during severe storms. I quit doing that as soon as I could. But, never had a get-off or accident the whole time(Knock on wood). I rode from Riverside Ca to El Segundo. That took me right through down town LA rush hour traffic twice a day. I am totally convinced that it was my off-road experience that helped me develop my survival skills for on-road riding. P

Hi Tom,

I would have to say that the general consensus of us street riders, at least the smart ones would say that riding in the dirt makes for a better rider on the street and on the race track(roadracing). All you have to do is look at the resumes of all the top roadracers in the world and most of them have had dirt track or MX experience. After many years of roadracing and now getting back into trail riding, my poor Suzuki TL1000sv

just sits in my garage. Mainly to do with what roadracing has taught me. I f your gonna go fast on a crotch-rocket, you best do it in a controlled enviroment,( i.e. a racetrack ).

On the street, It's not a matter of when you go down, It's a matter of how hard you go down!

Ride Safe,


Nobody has really mentioned, what I believe to be, the most important aspect of motorcycle riding. That is, head and eyes. The position of your head and eyes, ie look where you want to go, has been the best improvement I habe ever made in dirt riding. And I got that from the street riding.


ie look where you want to go,

Handlebar-spaced trees will teach you that... FAST. :)

Hey Tom your right, head and eyes :) Just rememnber the next time you see me go bye, head and eyes should be looking up, not at your RADAR GUN :D

Are you up for riding at Hollister next weekend if weather permits.

Have Safe An Happy New Years.

Ride Often And Ride Safe :D

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